Can TIFFANY make men’s cheap jewelry?

Major players on how to once again become a high-end Cheap Tiffany Jewelry market.

This is the beginning of the 1990s, when the last significant cheap Tiffany jewelry were released. The first attempt to re-enter the market, and with the jewelry an ill-fated partnership was started in 2007, but ended in disaster – Tiffany announced the production of the jewelry itself, which is a promise Andre Kenyatta is expected to live up to. He believes he can make Tiffany a prominent brand in the market, and the world’s top 15 in one, but he said it will take time.

Nicola Andreatta

“First of all I did when I took the job, I went to the archives, spent two weeks there, looking at everything from the Tiffany had been the entire 178 years.”

The need to complete is understandable, because Andreatta has a challenging task ahead of him. Tiffany, the global Cheap Tiffany luxury jewelry and specialty retailer, headquartered in New York, to be taken seriously as a jewelry manufacturer again, and even build a new factory in Switzerland. The first timepiece from its recent emergence – the CT60 collection, using the company’s original founder Charles Tiffany, followed by New York in a few seconds, minutes abbreviation, sometimes in the Big Apple to use a phrase to describe its hectic pace.

Andreatta research clearly played a role, because each jewelry has a very classic feel, echoing the past known Mingdifuni company model. Specifically, the bank has been inspired by the 1945 to President Roosevelt in his birthday brand, its old photographs showing him wearing a few months before the end of World War II jewelry at Yalta. From $ 4,250 to $ 19,000 price range of the new CT60 collection.

Trawl through the archives must have been a fascinating experience. Andreatta will find that the timing had special links with the early days of the company – the New Yorker statue of Atlas at the main entrance of the flagship store for decades used as a means to set the time in their pocket above jewelry . He will learn, in 1868, Tiffany made the first stopwatch America, and how it built in 1874 with a Cheap Tiffany Jewelry factory in Geneva. There is definitely a foundation there.
But through the years, its overall business strategy clocks become less significant, with more emphasis on Cheap Tiffany Jewelry and diamonds. “We are a women’s brand, I think it is quite clear,” Andreatta said that his role will be to solve that part of the company’s overall perception. “Let’s watch for a male audience, 70% of the market in the world are men. We sell so many accessories for the women, and visible parts of a man’s jewelry .”

“I think people want to restart the first step one is to understand the brand’s DNA, explains:” Nicola Andreatta, the Tiffany silver jewelry manufacturer and vice president of Cheap Tiffany silver jewelry Tiffany’s third-generation, a role, he was appointed two years ago.

For now, CT60 collection is a confident first step to prove that efforts can be done. “We have started with a strong collection of an honor to our history,” Andreatta summary. “It takes time for people to trust us, treat us as a serious jewelrymaker. I would not start from the beginning with the tourbillon, for example, because no one will buy from us, because they already know the other company, making them really well, but I love the idea that this is a huge challenge. seeds already planted, we’ll look at the seed as it grows. Stay tuned. “