Your face is suitable for what kind of Tiffany silver necklace

No girl does not like silver  jewelry, if you have a good necklace is not suitable for you so can not add to your temperament, then how to choose a suitable  Tiffany  silver necklace for you?

First, the choice of necklace length:
1. Length 40cm: just above the clavicle, highlight the neck curve.
2.45 cm Length: just hanging over the clavicle, the most common length.
3.60cm Length: hanging above the clothes, the length of the play
Second, face shape and necklace with:
1. Oval is basically unrestricted, suitable for any shape of the necklace, only pay attention to the texture of the clothes, style match on it.

round face

round face of the people will choose the kind of elongated face shape of the necklace. This type of woman is more suitable for long Tiffany silver necklace or T-shaped necklace. Do not choose a thick chain or a short necklace. Also do not wear big stones or pearls.

Your face is suitable for what kind of Tiffany silver necklace
3. Oval face is more suitable for thick necklace. Because the thick Tiffany silver necklace can make the vertical length of the oval face look shorter.
4. Heart-shaped face wearing a thick necklace is also very nice, or you can choose pearl necklace.
5.Diamond face and oval similar, but the edges and more more clear, you can wear any shape of the necklace, as long as your body in line with the line.
6. square face need to lengthen the necklace and soften the facial lines, so you can use T-shaped or simple pearl necklace.
7. Rectangular face needs to widen the feeling, so to wear a short Tiffany silver necklace is appropriate.

Your face is suitable for what kind of Tiffany silver necklace
8. Triangle face and heart-shaped face similar, but angular more clearly. You can choose more eye-catching Tiffany silver necklace or select the lines of soft necklace to weaken the face edges and corners. Do not wear that kind of bottom of the necklace.


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