Tiffany silver jewelry maintenance classic series pass love

Tiffany silver jewelry maintenance classic series pass love

As the jewelry brand that can make Audrey Hepburn deeply obsessed, Tiffany’s popularity is self-evident. So, Tiffany jewelry maintenance you noticed it?

Tiffany has witnessed countless perfect love since its birth, it represents luxury, it has a perfect design, so that girls addicted to them.

Many people use it to marry, the brand created numerous series of classic, with people can not extricate themselves to the charm.

Wearing method

Platinum hardness higher than gold, it is determined that the platinum ring and gold ring can not be worn on the adjacent fingers. Because it will not only make the gold ring wear, but also the platinum ring due to contamination of the gold powder and lead to its. The color turns yellow, destroying its natural white luster. So, when wearing Tiffany silver jewelry, the best away from the gold jewelry a little bit.

Placed alone

Not only when the attention and not to wear gold jewelry together, when placed should pay attention to some of the details. Most of the jewelry is metal products, if you do not pay attention when the place and acid products placed together. Perhaps the beginning you did not pay attention, but when you wear again you will find that your jewelry becomes dim light, or already Deformation.

Pay attention to cleaning

Jewelry maintenance must pay attention to regular cleaning, regular cleaning is best to go to a special jewelry shop cleaning. When you get back, you can see one and just buy almost jewelry. In general, the diamond ring embedded in the need for cleaning once every six months. This ensures that the brilliance of the diamond is always there and that the diamond can not be loosened. Of course, if you want to save costs, you can also choose their own home cleaning, use a mild detergent, and finally dry with a soft cloth.

Tiffany passed its noble, elegant brand concept, like Hepburn classic little black dress, Tiffany jewelry style most will become a classic, eternal spread, like love, who do not want forever? Your love needs a classic jewelry to witness, replica Tiffany silver jewelry is your best choice. So how can you not keep such a jewelry? Pay attention to Tiffany jewelry maintenance details, so that your love like a new look.

Tiffany silver jewelry maintenance classic series pass love

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